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The HPD requires several different types of signage in your property. Not all signs require a sign company – some are notifications that you’ll receive from HPD, for example – but some of the signs will require (or benefit from) a professional NYC sign printing company. Here are several:

  • Your certificate of inspection
  • Your notices for both carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.
  • A sign with the information about the person with the keys to the boiler room.
  • A sign with the serial number of the property.
  • A sign with the Janitor’s name and address.
  • A sign with the housing information guide notice.
  • A sign with the garbage collection information.
  • A sign with disaster information.
  • Signs that point to the fire extinguisher.
  • “NO Smoking” signs, where applicable.

Keep in mind that these are just the HPD sign requirements. There may also be signs mandated by the DOB, such as emergency exit signs or ADA signs. We can help you determine what signs you need, but we do recommend you also consider calling HPD and the DOB to see if you’re missing anything.

If you do not have the required signs for your HPD property, you may receive a violation. If the violation does not get addressed, you may be responsible for fees. Some of the fees include a $250 fine for missing the “Housing Information Guide” sign, and additional fines between $10 to $50 each for every violation you accrue.

As a local Sign Company in NYC We Can Offer Same Day Delivery.

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