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HPD Fire Safety Signs and Building Emergency Exit Signs

It may sound overly cautious. But in the event of a fire of any kind, the posting and visibility of detailed fire safety signs is going to have an effect on whether those inside of the property are able to get out quickly. Fire safety signs can save lives.

Here at HPD Building Signs, we provide custom and template fire safety signs that match the requirements set forth by HPD and the DOB. We make signs of any size in any material, and in some cases can create custom signage as long as it matches the requirements of the department of buildings and FDNY.

Safety Signage and More at HPD Building Signs

Properties that are registered for HPD are required to have several fire safety signs, and the size of the property may affect which signs are needed. Some of these signs are mandatory for HPD, others fall under FDNY signage requirements, and others are simply a smart idea – even if it is not mandatory, it can help save someone in the event of an emergency. Some of the most common fire safety sign in NYC we create include:

  • Fire Extinguisher Sign
  • Standpipe Connection Sign
  • No Sprinkler Building Sign
  • Sandpipe Hose Sign
  • Fire Sprinkler Sign
  • Emergency Exit Signs
  • Smoke Detector Signs
  • Fire Danger Signs
  • Electrical Shut-off Switch Sign and More
  • Different buildings have different requirements, so it is always a good idea to check on your specific building type and make sure you’ve identified the right sign for your business.

    You will also want to consider some of the supplementary signs that may be useful in the event of an emergency, even if the sign itself is not required. For example, you may want to place fire warning and information signs in elevators, or arrow signs that point to emergency exits, or contact information signs for the fire department should they need to enter your property.

    At HPD Building Signs, we create any and all custom and required signs, whether they are mandated or not. Our team also genuinely understands the HPD requirements, and can assist you if you need help understanding the signs that your property needs.

    Contact HPD Building Signs Today for Your Fire Safety and FDNY Signs in NYC

    In the event of a building fire, the last thing you want to do is regret not having a critical sign in a visible location. Many signs are also required to be HPD complaint, and may in some cases protect your building from a terrible disaster. With so many reasons to get fire safety signs, it’s no wonder that so many building owners and managers turn to HPD Building Signs, where our affordable rates and expertise in the HPD field makes us the best possible choice for your fire sign needs.

    For more information about our fire safety signs, or to start your order, please call us today at PHONE NUMBER or let us know what you need via our form. We are happy to get started right away, to ensure you have the required signs in time for your New York City property.