Owning property in NYC means responsibility and laws that need to be followed and adhered to. If a property owner does not adhere to these regulations set by the NYC DOB severe penalties can follow. Here is the rundown on how some of the laws work and the penalties if the laws are not followed.

If penalties are found on a property, there are different classifications that they fall into. Each penalty has a monetary charge and will increase if not paid in the allotted time.

If a property owner has corrected the violations than the penalties may be dropped. Correcting the violations as soon as possible reduces the risk of getting more expensive violations. Property owners are not in the business of real estate in order to have to pay violations.

If a property owner does receive a violation it will be sent in the mail. The property owner will be given a certain amount of time to have the violation fixed. Once the repairs or additions are made the property owner will need to certify and mail the statement that the violations were corrected according to the specifications.

Class A Violations

These violations are considered nonhazardous. The property owner has 90 days to get the repairs completed.

Class B Violations

Considered hazardous and the property owner has 30 days to get the violation corrected.

Class C Violations

Immediately hazardous and there is usually a 24 hours period to have the violation corrected. There are some instances where there is a 5-day grace period given to the property owner.

Not having the right HPD signs posted where the law states can also cause injury to the property owner, tenants, and any visitor. It is for both the landlords and tenets protection that these laws and requirements are put into place.

Different Types of HPD Signs

HPD signs vary and all need to meet certain requirements. A few different types of HPD signs are:

  • Carbon Monoxide Detection Notices
  • Building Registration Numbers
  • HPD Certificate of Inspection visits frames that have to be 6”X9”.
  • Superintendent Notice
  • Key to the Heating System Signs
  • HPD Housing Information Guide Sign- must be white aluminum
  • HPD Required Signs Packages
  • Garbage Collection Signs
  • Post Gas Leak Notices