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Commercial Video Surveillance Signs for Buildings in NYC


Video Surveillance Signs

All Activities Recorded Sign


Video Surveillance Signs

Being Monitored Sign


It is important to make sure you are monitoring your property for the safety of your assets and those that live or work inside of it. In some cases, it may be required by the HPD. But one of the most important reasons to have video surveillance is not only to catch criminals, but also to deter crime in the first place. For that, it is highly recommended that you consider a video surveillance sign.

These signs are not only often required by the NYC DOB. They are also valuable because their visibility helps them deter crime. The more visible these signs are, the more people that are thinking of harming a property will know that they are more likely to get caught, and may not attempt the crime at all.

Common NYC Surveillance Signs

As a full service sign company, HPD Building Signs creates both custom and unique signage for any purpose. We specialize in HPD, but we are also able to craft signs both large and small no matter what you are hoping to create. With that in mind, we do have many common requests for video surveillance signs, especially those on HPD properties. These include:

  • 24 Hour Surveillance Signs
  • You Are Under Observation Signs
  • No Entry Beyond This Point Signs
  • Property Protected Signs
  • Notice! Signs
  • These are only a few of the HPD video surveillance signs we have available. But what makes us the preferred choice for video surveillance signage is that we are one of the only teams that are also able to create custom signs in any style, material, or size. Should you decide you would like something unique with your video surveillance signs, we can make sure to create it for you exactly to your specifications, all for a surprisingly affordable price.

    We work with templates when you simply need a sign to meet the requirements of the HPD, and we can make sure to create a sign that matches where the sign will be posted, with material for indoors, outdoors, and even a hybrid of the two.

    Start Your Signs Today with HPD Building Signs

    Here at HPD Building Signs in Brooklyn, we know how important it is to share that a property is under surveillance. In some cases, it may be a required DOB sign. It acts as a deterrent to potential crime and also helps tenants feel safer on the property.

    Whether you want a basic template or you’re looking for a full color graphic with custom fonts and a touch of humor, we can create it all. Start your order today online on our website, or let us know if you need help by calling us today at PHONE NUMBER.