Fire Safety Building Signs

fire safety signs nyc

Being a property owner in the NYC area means that you must have certain signs posted in plain view of the tenants and all visitors. One of the primary areas where safety signs need to be displayed is in the lobby of the building where tenants and visitors enter and leave. The same holds true with fire safety building signs.

NYC Fire Safety Building Signs

In recent years there has been revisions made to the fire safety codes and it is imperative that all property owners adhere to these changes. Keeping those located inside of your building safe and conforming to all HPD laws, and fire safety standards makes it imperative to be sure that all signs and visual graphics are in their proper places.

Along with the NYC DOB, there is also the NYC Fire Codes that must be followed. The reason these laws and regulations are put into place is to help keep all those in the vicinity safe and secure.

NYC Fire Safety Codes

There are many procedures that must be followed in order to remain in compliance with the NYC Fire Safety Codes including:

  • Emergency Signage Placement
  • Evacuation Plans
  • Occupant Instructions
  • Fire Safety Plans- Which is includes individual floor layouts, the kinds and numbers of exits, and the population of each floor.

FDNY Fire Safety Signs

fire safety signs

There are several different FDNY Fire Safety Signs which include the following:

  • No Re-entry Floor Sign
  • No Sprinkler Building Sign
  • Inspection Test Valve Sign
  • Sprinkler Control Valve Sign
  • Fire Extinguisher Sign
  • Siamese Connection Sign
  • Standpipe Connection Sign
  • Automatic Sprinkler Signs
  • Standpipe Hose Location Sign
  • Standpipe Fire Department Sign
  • Automatic Sprinkler Shut Off Sign
  • Main Drain Building Sign
  • Building Re-entry Floor Sign
  • AUX Drain Sign
  • Drain Valve Sign
  • No Smoking Signs

Each FDNY Fire Safety Sign has a designated area where it is supposed to be displayed.

NYC Fire Safety Notice

These are the signs that are manufactured using aluminum and are attached to the residences’ doors as a reference guide in case of an emergency. This is the sign that gives the step-by-step instructions of what to do in the case of an emergency. There is separate sign for buildings that are combustible and those that fall under the non-combustible buildings.

Fire Safety notice

Beginning in the year 2000, all residential buildings must have a prepared fire safety plan following an example of the NYC Fire Department. This plan and any revisions must be given to the tenants and employees during the first week of October. This plan must be revised and redistributed every 60 days or in the event of any material changes within the building.

Choosing NYC Fire Safety Signs

It is important that when you choose to have your fire safety signs NYC manufactured that you choose a sign company that is familiar with all the NYC HPD sign regulations. In order to be in compliance, the safety signs need to be certain sizes and colors and must be suffixed in the building in the proper areas.

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